Barbar ECO8000 Ceramic Blow Dryer Review

The Barbar ECO8000 is the only blow dryer currently available which has a 100% ceramic heating coil. Not only is this extremely environmentally friendly as it saves 40% less energy, but it also produces 98% less EMF radiation than other standard hair dryers.

Barbar ECO8000 Ceramic Blow Dryer Review

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Overview Of The Energy Efficient Barbar ECO8000 Blow Dryer

As more and more people are becoming increasingly environmentally aware, many manufacturers are looking for ways to make their products more Eco-friendly and energy efficient. In the arena of hair care, the Barbar ECO8000 blow dryer is one of the leading examples of this. In fact, it is quite possibly the most environmentally friendly hair dryer currently available.

What Makes The Barbar ECO8000 Hair Dryer Eco-Friendly?

All blow dryers have a heating element which warms air up before blowing it out the nozzle. In early dryers, this was made of metal. Nowadays, most hair dryers have a heating coil which is coated with ceramic material. The advantage of ceramic heating elements is that they produce a gentler kind of heat which is much easier to control, and far less likely to damage hair as a result.

Until now, all ceramic blow dryers on the market have been fitted with heating coils which were coated with a layer of ceramic. The Barbar ECO8000 blow dryer is the world’s first (and currently only) hair dryer which has a heating element totally made from 100% ceramic.

But why is a solid ceramic coil more environmentally friendly? Well, when electricity passes through a normal blow dryer’s heating coil, not all the electrical energy is converted into heat. Some energy is lost in the form of EMF emissions, which are a type of electrical radiation measured in units called milligauss (or mG for short). A standard hair dryer with a normal heating coil produces over 200 mG of wasted EMF radiation energy, which is roughly the same amount of radiation as a household microwave emits.

In contrast, the solid ceramic heating coil in the Barbar ECO8000 Ceramic Blow Dryer is far more efficient at converting electricity into heat. The Barbar ECO8000 produces just 4.1 mG of EMF energy – which is around 98% less than the 200 mG emitted by standard hair dryers.

As the Barbar ECO8000 Ceramic Blow Dryer converts almost all the electricity directly into heat, it can produce the same performance as an 1800 Watt Hair Dryer by using just 1100 Watts. This means that the Barbar ECO8000 typically uses around 40% less electricity than other equivalent blow dryers, saving you money and also helping the environment!

The ECO8000 Is Kinder To You Too!

It’s fair to say that all types of electrical appliances produce EMF radiation. But it’s equally worthwhile noting that exposure to EMF energy is not beneficial at all, especially when it is being produced from a blow dryer held close to your head! In fact, some people can suffer harmful adverse side effects like dizziness and nausea when exposed to high EMF levels.

By using the Barbar ECO8000 Ceramic Blow Dryer with its extremely low EMF output, you can keep your exposure to unnecessary EMF radiation to a minimum and still enjoy naturally beautiful hair.

Product Features For The Barbar ECO8000 Ceramic Blow Dryer

  • Energy Saving. The ECO8000 is powered by an energy saving 1100 Watt motor, which produces the same performance as a standard 1800 Watt hair dryer.
  • Variable Heat and Speed Settings. Easily choose the right settings for your hair every time. There is also a cool shot facility to help you set products.
  • Heating Technology. The Barbar ECO8000 Ceramic Blow Dryer is the only model on the market with a solid totally ceramic heating coil.
  • Heat Output. This dryer has a maximum heat output of 200°C or 400°F.
  • Power Cord. An above average ten foot long power cord gives you freedom to move around.
  • Low EMF Radiation Rating. The Barbar ECO8000 Blow Dryer produces a tiny 4.1 mG of EMF radiation.
  • Long Life. The solid ceramic heating element typically lasts around five times longer than a standard heating coil.
  • Blow Dryer Dimensions. The ECO8000 measures 10 inches x 4 inches x 11.3 inches, and weighs 1 pound 10 ounces.
  • Warranty. This model comes with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty .

Our Review Summary For The Barbar ECO8000

If you use your blow dryer a lot, the energy savings can soon mount up and save you a small fortune. Plus, it also helps the environment too.

And with less EMF radiation emissions into the bargain, the Barbar ECO8000 Blow Dryer is probably the greenest and safest hair dryer currently available.

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Barbar ECO8000 Ceramic Hair Dryer - In this review, we'll explain the real health and environmental and benefits of using this eco-friendly blow dryer.
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