Remington Hair Dryer D3710 Ceramic Turbo Fan 1875W Review

This Remington blow dryer has been specially designed with two turbo fans. This twin fan arrangement produces a 50% stronger drying power than similar hair dryers, so you can blow dry your hair in much less time.

Remington Hair Dryer D3710 Ceramic Turbo Fan 1875W Review

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Our Assessment Of The D3710 Turbo Ceramic Remington Hair Dryer

Do you have long or particularly curly hair which takes ages to dry? Would you like to considerably reduce the amount of time you spend blow drying? If the answer to these two questions is yes, then the D3710 Remington Hair Dryer could be exactly the blow dryer you are looking for.

The Remington D3710 is different to other blow dryers because it has two fans to blow air, instead of just one. This is exactly the same principle used in modern jet engines.

Using these two turbo fans and 1875 watts of power, the D3710 is able to deliver a far stronger airflow than most other hair dryers. Better still, because this additional air output from the Remington hair dryer D3710 is around 50% greater, the time it takes to blow dry your hair is greatly reduced.

Benefits Of The Remington D3710 Ceramic Turbo Blow Dryer

  • Heat Output. The cutting edge twin turbo fan system produces 1875 watts of drying power, which will slash minutes from your drying time every day.
  • Heating System. The D3710 Remington Hair Dryer has a ceramic heating coil. This produces soft and even infra-red heat which will dry your hair efficiently, avoiding heat damage.
  • Dryer Settings. This dryer has three heat settings which control the temperature level, and two speed controls which regulate the amount of air flow.
  • Turbo Boost. Whenever you need a little more power, just select the Turbo mode to engage the twin high speed turbo fans.
  • Cool Shot. If you want to style your hair, the cool shot button produces a constant stream of cool air.
  • Cord Length. This Remington hair dryer is supplied fitted with a six foot long (or 1.8 meter) tangle-free power cord.
  • Removable Filter. The D3710 has a useful flip opening at the rear of the unit. This means that the filter can be easily removed or cleaned if it ever becomes full of hair or product.
  • Dryer Size. This is a mid-size Remington hair dryer which measures 8.8 inches by 3.5 inches by 10.2 inches.
  • Weight. The Remington D3710 weighs approximately 1.5 pounds.
  • Manufacturers Warranty. This product comes with a 24 month Remington warranty.

Accessories Included In The Remington Hair Dryer D3710 Package

To make your hair drying experience even easier, the D3710 blow dryer is supplied with several additional attachments. If you have long hair, you’ll find the included concentrator nozzle particularly useful. This attachment can be used to direct hot air deep into the roots of your hair, ensuring that you end up with naturally silky looking tresses.

If you have more curly hair, you’ll find the finger diffuser attachment invaluable. Just fit it onto the nozzle of your Remington hair dryer, and you’ll instantly create increased volume and defined texture.

Our Opinion Of The D3710

Overall, this Remington hair dryer D3710 version is well featured, and given the low retail price superb value for money.

The turbo power is particularly handy if you have hair which is difficult to dry. The dryer is responsive, and the choice of heat/speed settings give you all the variety you’ll need.

The only minor downsides to this Remington hair dryer model are that:

  1. The 6 foot power cord is enough, but it would have been nice if it was slightly longer/
  2. At 1.5 pounds, this blow dryer is about the same weight as others in the class. If you use your blow dryer for really long sessions, you may want to look for a slightly more lightweight hair dryer.

Even taking these points into account, this Turbo Remington hair dryer D3710 1875 Watt model produces excellent results at an affordable price.

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Remington Hair Dryer D3710 Ceramic Turbo 1875 Watts - Looking for a turbo blow dryer? Read our review of the Remington D3710 and get all the facts.
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