Rusk Speed Freak Blow Dryer 2000 Watts Professional Review

The Rusk Speed Freak Professional is a well designed mid-price blow dryer which is ideal for professional or home use.

Rusk Speed Freak Blow Dryer 2000 Watts Professional Review

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The Rusk Speed Freak Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Do you find it takes a lot more time to dry your hair than you would like? If you do, then the Rusk Speed Freak Professional Blow Dryer may be exactly what you are looking for.

This hair dryer has been built to deliver speed and efficiency. With a tourmaline ceramic heating coil, it produces controlled gentle heat which is specially regulated to cut drying times by around half. Just think of all that extra time you will be able to save!

The tourmaline coil in the Rusk Speed Freak Professional has another dual purpose. Along with the infra-red drying heat, it also emits constant streams of negative ions which will keep your individual hair follicles looking sleek and revitalized.

Who Is This Rusk Blow Dryer Aimed At?

While this hair dryer is suitable for all types of hair, in our review we found that the Rusk Speed Freak Professional blow dryer works particularly effectively for anyone with coarse or thick hair which is normally quite difficult to dry.

10 Top Benefits Of The Rusk Speed Freak Professional Blow Dryer

If you are thinking about buying this Rusk hair dryer, here are some of the key features and benefits:

  1. 2000 Watts of Drying Power. More than enough power to tame the coarsest and thickest of tresses.
  2. Tourmaline Ceramic Performance. Significantly reduces drying times, while making sure that your hair is gently dried and kept free from heat damage.
  3. Included Precision Concentrator Nozzle. Whenever you need to precisely style your hair, this attachment is worth its weight in gold. Better still, Rusk have even included a free paddle brush in the package.
  4. Ergonomic Design. This Rusk Speed Freak Professional Blow Dryer has been designed with actual users in mind. The body has a special soft touch coating which means it is really comfortable to hold and won’t slip out of your hand. The handle of the dryer has been ergonomically designed to fit your hand perfectly. This helps to greatly reduce fatigue if you blow dry your hair often, or if your hair is thick and takes longer to dry.
  5. Seven Heat and Speed Modes. Most hair dryers use simple switches to select speed and heat settings. Not so this one! You can easily adjust heat and speed levels on the Rusk Speed Freak blow dryer using horizontal wheels which click firmly into place. This makes it virtually impossible to accidentally click a switch and turn the dryer off or get a different heat setting by mistake.
  6. Cool Shot Functionality. If you ever need to set product on your hair, the cool shot setting will do this for you by producing a jet of cool air.
  7. Easily Removable Filter. One of the most common reasons for blow dryers failing prematurely is that the filter becomes clogged up with hair and gunk, causing the blow dryer to overheat and finally burn out. This isn’t an issue with the Rusk Speed Freak Professional blow dryer, as you can easily take the filter out and clean it in seconds.
  8. Nine Feet Long Power Cord. Really handy if your power outlet isn’t located where it needs to be.
  9. Shock Proof Safety. For total peace of mind, this Rusk Speed Freak Blow Dryer model is shock-proof – so you don’t need to worry about being zapped!
  10. 24 Month Rusk Warranty. In the unlikely event of a problem, you have the comfort of a two year limited manufacturer’s warranty from Rusk.

Our Review Summary For The Speed Freak Professional Blow Dryer

There are several things which set this hair dryer apart from similar models in our review. We were particularly impressed by the design and attention to detail. It’s a delight to hold (even for extended drying sessions) and the rotary control switches give you perfect control over the heat output.

Looking at drying performance, the Rusk Speed Freak Professional blow dryer is hard to beat. If you normally find your hair is difficult to dry, this hair dryer will cut drying times in half whilst protecting it from damage.

If you want professional salon quality results at a mid-range price, we cannot recommend the Rusk Speed Freak Professional blow dryer more highly enough.

Rusk Speed Freak Blow Dryer 2000 Watts Pro - Independent Review
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Rusk Speed Freak Professional Hair Dryer - In this review, we'll look at all the features and benefits of the Rusk Pro blow dryer.
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