Twin Turbo Hair Dryer 3200 Ceramic Ionic Pro 1900 Watt Review

With flowing Italian style and curves, the Ceramic Ionic Twin Turbo Hair Dryer 3200 is both extremely powerful and a delight to use. If you want salon quality hair at home, this blow dryer comes highly recommended by hair industry experts.

Twin Turbo Hair Dryer 3200 Ceramic Ionic Pro 1900 Watt Review

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Twin Turbo Hair Dryer 3200 1900W Professional – Model 323

Need a blow dryer which can dry your hair a lot faster than most? Producing a phenomenal 80 cubic meters of air in an hour, the Ceramic Ionic Twin Turbo Hair Dryer 3200 is one of the fastest turbo blow dryers ever created!

So whether your hair is particularly long, curly or is just a pain to dry, the Twin Turbo 3200 will drastically reduce your drying time while keeping your hair in tip-top perfect shape. Here’s our review.

Major Benefits Of The Twin Turbo 3200 Ceramic Ionic Blow Dryer

Built to meet exacting professional specifications, the Twin Turbo Hair Dryer 3200 Ceramic Ionic Pro is aimed at both haircare professionals and also serious home users who demand salon quality results.

From the moment you pick this model up, you instantly know that it’s designed as a professional tool and not just another “run of the mill” hair dryer. The first thing you’ll notice is how light it is – only 17 ounces (or 1.1 pounds). A lightweight dryer is important if you are using it regularly, as this helps to prevent arm strain and fatigue. The next thing that stands out is the compact size. The Twin Turbo Hair Dryer 3200 crams a lot into a really neat package and measures just 9 inches x 8.7 inches x 3 inches – making it really easy to hold in any position.

The contoured handle has been carefully formed so it fits perfectly into your hand. The speed and temperature switches are positioned on the side of the handle, so they can be instantly adjusted with your thumb whilst drying.

To give a salon quality finish, the Twin Turbo Hair Dryer 3200 utilizes a ceramic ionic heating core. This is the preferred choice among salon hair professionals, as it ensures the heat is evenly radiated from inside the hair shaft outwards. The end result is strands of hair which retain their natural moisture, luster and vitality – even after frequent blow drying.

Full Product Features

Here are the full product specifications for the Ceramic Ionic Twin Turbo Hair Dryer 3200 Professional:

  • Maximum Air Flow Speed. This blow dryer can produce up to 2825 cubic feet (or 80 cubic meters) of airflow per hour.
  • Power Source. The unit is powered by an ultra quiet 1900 Watt K-Lamination AC motor. This motor is designed to last for a minimum of 2000 hours. This means your Twin Turbo hair dryer 3200 should last for over five and a half years if you use your dryer for an hour a day, every day!
  • Heating Technology. The Twin Turbo 3200 uses a patented ceramic ionic system.
  • Thermal Protection. The blow dryer has an internal safety controller which prevents overheating.
  • Temperature Options. The Ceramic Ionic Twin Turbo hair dryer 3200 has four different temperature settings.
  • Speed Adjustment. There are two variable speed settings.
  • Cold Shot Button. Perfect for when you just want a quick blast of cool air to finish your style off.
  • Easy to Clean. This Twin Turbo hair dryer 3200 model is fitted with a stainless steel filter which can be quickly removed to keep the air intake clean and free from debris.
  • Extra Long Power Cord. The unit has an above average 9.5 feet long cable for total freedom.
  • Lightweight Design. The Twin Turbo Hair Dryer 3200 is ultra light and weighs 17oz (or 492 grams).
  • Compact Size. Dimensions of the dryer are 9 x 8.7 x 3 inches.
  • Accessories Included. When you buy the Twin Turbo Hair Dryer 3200, the package comes complete with two extra nozzles. There is a wide concentrator for general use, and an extra wide concentrator for when you need to dry your hair really quickly.
  • Country of Manufacture. The Twin Turbo 3200 (model 323) is made in Italy.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty. This blow dryer has a one year warranty.

Review Summary For The Twin Turbo Hair Dryer 3200 Ceramic Pro

If you are looking for a blow dryer which will give you superb salon quality results every time, this dryer definitely ticks all the boxes. It’s lightweight, well designed and about the most powerful salon hair dryer on the market. To conclude our review, we can highly recommend the Twin Turbo Hair Dryer 3200 Ceramic Ionic Pro in all areas.

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Twin Turbo Hair Dryer 3200 - Our review looks at all the advantages and disadvantages of this extremely popular ceramic ionic professional blow dryer.
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