X5 Superlite Hair Dryer Nano Tourmaline Ionic 1875W Review

As featured in a recent edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, the X5 Superlite Tourmaline ionic hair dryer is aimed at both salon professionals and home users.

X5 Superlite Hair Dryer Nano Tourmaline Ionic 1875W Review

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Features Of The 1875 Watt X5 Superlite Hair Dryer – Model 7008

Endorsed by top celebrity stylists and their clients, the X5 Superlite hair dryer is a craftsman made product utilizing cutting edge Tourmaline Ionic nano technology to give you the “Hollywood” finish you’ve always dreamed of.

That’s the manufacturer’s claim, but does the X5 Superlite hair dryer deliver on these promises? In this review, we’ll put the X5 Superlite under the microscope and find out.

First Impressions Of The X5 Superlite Nano Tourmaline Dryer

On opening the box, the first thing that stands out about the X5 is just how sleek and curvy it is. Most blow dryers are quite big and bulky, but the Superlite is relatively skinny in comparison. In terms of size, the overall dimensions of the X5 Superlite hair dryer are 11.5 x 9.4 x 4 inches – yet it weighs in at only thirteen ounces (or 370 grams). If you’ve ever suffered “tired arms” from using a blow dryer, you’ll appreciate the difference a few extra ounces can make! Generally with hair dryers, the lighter the better is a wise rule to follow.

The X5 Superlite hair dryer comes in an eye-catching metallic champagne finish, with the nozzle and rear filters in graphite black. The handle has been crafted to fit snugly in the hand, and the temperature, speed and cool shot buttons are located to the front.

Within the blow dryer is a powerful 1875 Watt AC motor providing a high velocity air flow which will tame the most tangled of tresses. AC motors are usually only fitted to top end models, and have three major benefits:

  1. Speed. AC motors are a lot more powerful than cheaper motors, and produce very high speed air streams.
  2. Long Life. An AC motor will typically last four to five times longer than conventional motors.
  3. Quietness. They are a lot less noisy, and so the X5 Superlite hair dryer is virtually whisper quiet.

Heat is provided by an advanced ceramic Tourmaline element with an integrated ionic generator. This is the best available type of heating system because:

  1. It uses infra-red heat which prevents hair from becoming damaged.
  2. The ionic charged airflow dries your hair faster, typically cutting drying time by around 40%.
  3. By using the X5 Superlite hair dryer, you’ll enjoy soft, shiny hair which retains its natural moistness.
  4. Ionic technology is especially good at stopping that dreaded frizzing.

Summary Benefits Of The Tourmaline Ionic X5 Superlite Hair Dryer

  • Wattage Output. Maximum power 1875 Watts.
  • Thermal Technology. Ceramic Tourmaline heating system with additional ionic generation.
  • Adjustable User Settings. The X5 Superlite hair dryer has a choice of three variable heat settings plus dedicated cool shot mode. There are two airflow speed levels.
  • Low Noise. This is one of the quietest hair dryers we’ve reviewed.
  • Health & Hygiene. The interior of the X5 Superlite hair dryer has a nano silver finish which keeps the dryer free from bacteria and germs. This blow dryer also has a quick remove filter.
  • Amazingly Lightweight. This blow dryer comes in at just 0.85 pounds (or 370g) and measures a compact 11.5in x 9.4in x 4in.
  • Bundled Attachments. Supplied inside the X5 Superlite hair dryer box are a Tourmaline diffuser (for added volume) and a concentrator (for accurate styling).
  • Extended Warranty. This blow dryer comes with a 4 year manufacturer’s warranty as standard, which is far longer than the one or two year warranties offered by the majority of competitors.
X5 Superlite Hair Dryer Tourmaline Ionic - Independent Review
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X5 Superlite Hair Dryer - Model 7008 - In this review, we've put the popular Superlite X5 blow dryer and its Tourmaline nano technology to the test.
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