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If you are planning your next vacation, there are a bewildering range of travel blow dryers to choose from. But which is the best travel blow dryer to take with you on your trip?

In this review we’ll highlight the main points to consider when comparing travel hair dryers. We’ll also share our recommendations for some of the best travel blow dryers which are currently available.

How To Choose The Best Travel Blow Dryer

When you are comparing travel blow dryers, it’s a little too easy to get side-tracked by clever marketing hype, brand names and technical jargon. In reality, buying the perfect travel blow dryer is really easy when you take these six factors into consideration:

1. Biggest Isn’t Best! Always Check Size & Weight

Whenever you are traveling, size and weight are really important factors to take into consideration as electrical items can be relatively heavy. Not only is luggage space often at a premium when you are packing, but more and more airlines are charging a premium for excess baggage fees.

travel blow dryers reviews

It’s a good idea to look for travel blow dryers which are quite compact and as lightweight as possible. Ideally, travel hair dryers should be small enough to fit into carry on baggage or a small suitcase. Some models are specially designed to fold up, and this helps to conserve valuable space in your suitcase.

Don’t be put off by travel blow dryers which initially appear a little on the small side. Although travel dryers come in all sizes and weights, biggest isn’t always the best and some of the smaller models are far more powerful than their larger cousins. As a guide, you should be able to find a reasonable selection of travel blow dryers which weigh in at around a pound or less.

2. Get The Right Wattage For Your Hair

When you are comparing travel blow dryers, be sure to look at the wattage for each model. The wattage for a hair dryer is basically an indication of the dryer’s power, and how quickly it will be able to dry your hair. The greater the wattage, the more powerful a travel blow dryer is.

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As a guide, if you have fine to normal hair then a travel blow dryer rated between 1200 watts to 1500 watts should be ideal for you. If you have longer or heavy hair which takes longer to dry, then you’ll probably be better off looking at travel blow dryers which are rated between 1500 watts to 1875 watts.

Avoid the temptation to buy high wattage travel blow dryers if you don’t really need the extra power, as you may end up unnecessarily damaging your hair with the extra heat.

3. Look at Travel Blow Dryers With Dual Voltage

Not all foreign countries use the same power voltage, and there is nothing worse than plugging your hair dryer in after you arrive from a long journey and then finding out it doesn’t work!

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It’s wise to look for travel blow dryers which have a dual voltage feature so they will work in both the US (which operates on 110 to 125 volts) and also in countries which have their power at 220 to 250 volts (e.g. most countries in Europe)

By choosing dual voltage travel blow dryers, you can be confident that your hair dryer will work pretty much anywhere on the planet.

You may also come across a few travel blow dryers which are battery powered. While this may initially sound like a good idea, we don’t recommend these models as they are typically not as effective as their ‘plug in’ counterparts. Plus, you’ll also need to pack a battery charger or carry spare batteries whilst traveling.

4. Remember To Pack A Universal Adapter

The power prong configuration on appliances used abroad is generally different from the American layout, and will also vary between different overseas countries. Make sure to invest in a universal socket adapter so you can plug your travel blow dryer into a power outlet at your destination, which will almost certainly be a different design to the socket you are familiar with in your home.

5. Check The Cord Length

If you’re a seasoned traveler, you’ll already know that some hotels have a habit of putting power sockets in the most impractical places! It’s worthwhile looking at travel blow dryers which have longer power cords, as this will make your life a lot easier if this turns out to be the case.

6. Buy Travel Blow Dryers With A Reasonable Warranty

As you’ll be taking your travel dryer on vacation, the chances are that it may take a few bumps along the way since baggage handlers aren’t always as careful with your possessions as you are. If you have a choice between several different travel blow dryers, buying the one with the longest warranty may pay dividends if your dryer stops working and needs to be repaired.

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With plenty of travel blow dryers to choose from, which one should you buy? Check out our impartial reviews to make the right travel dryer choice.