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Shopping around for your next blow dryer can be a fun, yet challenging experience. With so many different brands, features and models to choose from, which is the best hair dryer for your tresses and your budget? At Blow Dryer Reviews, we’re here to help make your life easier in three ways:

  1. Need Some Advice? If you’re unsure which type of blow dryer is most suitable for you, worry not. We’ll explain exactly how each type works, together with all the main features and benefits.
  2. Want Recommendations? If you know what type you’re looking for, check our independent and unbiased blow dryer reviews of the best hair dryers in each category.
  3. Looking For Discounts? We constantly check prices for all the blow dryers we’ve reviewed with leading online retailers. So once you’ve found your perfect blow dryer, you’ll be able to pick up a bargain at an especially low discount price (the best prices shown on Blow Dryer Reviews are regularly updated, at least once every day)

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What Things Do We Look At When We Review Blow Dryer Models?

Most people think that all blow dryers are pretty much the same, but at Blow Dryer Reviews we know there’s a lot more to hair dryers than initially meets the eye.

While it’s fair to say that all blow dryers will ultimately dry your hair, there the similarity ends. With advances in modern technology, today’s generation of blow dryers have a variety of different features and benefits which have revolutionized the way we dry our hair.

It’s a good idea to learn a little about these differences, as some of the features listed in each of our individual blow dryer reviews will probably be more useful to you than others. Once you’ve decided which qualities are absolutely essential, you’ll then know exactly what to look for when selecting your next blow dryer.

These are the key areas we look at when we carry out our independent blow dryer reviews and testing:


All blow dryers essentially work in the same way. They use a fan to draw cool air into the unit. This air then flows over a heating coil which heats it to a high temperature. Finally, the warm air is forced out of the nozzle end at high speed to dry off your locks.

The first major difference we consider at blow dryer reviews is the type of technology they use to do this.

  • Metal. Originally, blow dryers used a simple metal heating element to heat the air up. While this will dry your hair, the type of heat produced is extremely dry and difficult to control. In fact, the harsh dry heat from these types of dryer is frequently responsible for causing dry, damaged and very brittle hair (probably due to the fact that they work by boiling the water off from your hair!) The good news is that metal heating coils are only generally found in really ultra cheap blow dryers nowadays. Given the high likelihood of hair damage, our advice at blow dryer reviews is to totally avoid them if at all possible!
  • Ceramic. As the name suggests, these blow dryers use a ceramic heating element instead of a metal one. One of the major benefits of ceramic hair dryers is that they produce infra-red heat which dries hair from the inside out. Not only is this far more gentle, but heat levels can also be more accurately controlled to prevent unnecessary damage to your hair.
  • Tourmaline. Tourmaline blow dryers have a ceramic heating element containing particles of crushed-up tourmaline (which is a semi-precious gemstone). When tourmaline is heated, it gives off negative particles which can help keep your hair looking shiny and reduce frizziness.
  • Ion. Ionic hair dryers are designed to produce large quantities of negative ions. These negative ions help water molecules to become absorbed deeply into individual hair follicles. The end result is that hair becomes reconditioned, re-hydrated and maintains its natural lustre for longer. In addition, during our own blow dryer reviews we have found that ionic hair dryers will generally dry your hair a lot faster – often reducing the drying time by up to 50% or more.
  • Turbo. Turbo dryers have more powerful fans. This means they can produce a faster airflow, and dry hair more rapidly.

For your convenience, all our blow dryer reviews are categorized by the type of technology used so you can easily compare similar models.


In simple terms, wattage is a measure of heat output. The higher the wattage, the faster a blow dryer will dry your hair. Here’s the basic guide to wattage we use at Blow Dryer Reviews:

  1. Short, fine or damaged hair? Look for a blow dryer rated between 1200 – 1500 watts.
  2. Normal straight or slightly bouncy hair? A dryer around 1200 – 1800 watts should be ideal.
  3. Curly, heavy or long hair? You’ll need a little more power, so consider blow dryers between 1500 – 2000 watts.

Think twice before buying a dryer with a higher wattage than you really need, as the extra power output could end up causing damage to your hair if you’re not ultra careful.


At Blow Dryer Reviews, we love hair dryers which have multiple settings – allowing you to adjust the speed to suit your needs. More advanced / professional models also let you alter the heat settings individually too, which means you can select a lower temperature if your hair is just damp.

Many good hair dryers also have a “cool shot” setting, where the blow dryer blows a stream of cool unheated air. This can be quite handy if you want to dry off products or finishing sprays without using heat.


The weight of a hair dryer can be more important than you might think, especially if you dry your hair regularly. If you use a blow dryer every day or suffer from weak arms, opting for a lightweight dryer can make the process a lot easier. At blow dryer reviews, we recommend looking at professional hair dryers. These types of dryers are designed to be used all day long by hair stylists, and typically weigh less than a pound.

Attachments & Accessories

If you have curly hair, look for a model which has a diffuser. Conversely, if you have straight hair, then you’ll want to look for a blow dryer which comes with a nozzle. Check each of the individual blow dryer reviews to find out what’s included.

All Blow Dryer Reviews Have The Best Current Discount Prices

Here’s one of the most popular questions asked by visitors to blow dryer reviews: “Is a professional $250 hair dryer actually that much better than a typical $50 model?”

Surprisingly, in some cases the answer is yes!

One of the main reasons why Blow Dryer Reviews is so popular is that we know most of our visitors are working to a fixed budget. Not only do we highlight which models represent the best value, but we’ve done the research for you and each of our blow dryer reviews has the best up to date prices we’ve found for that model.

It’s not uncommon to find savings of 50% or more for some hair dryers, so using Blow Dryer Reviews could be the best decision you’ve made today!